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Thursday, December 18, 2014

God's Reactions to Man's Defections # 11

The New Cruse (continued)

Causes and Precautions

It would seem necessary to say again here what we have said earlier, that we are not dealing with the matter of cooperation in doubtful methods and on an unspiritual basis, or of a compromise on truth. There will ever have to be separation in these matters. Our point is the spirit of fellowship - that we should not close ourselves up, as though we were apart from and superior to all others. Many of us have to confess to a time when our lives were by no means conspicuous for their spirituality, and we owe much to the spirit of fellowship on the part of others. If so be we feel that, in the mercy of God, we have been given something more than some, we must be out to help, to win, to cherish. Above all, we must keep our hearts open and our spirit pure. It is terribly possible to get to a "set" place where no one can teach us, but we can teach others - they are the ones who are not going on with the Lord. This is entirely fatal to fellowship.

Now we must close this chapter, but with one important reminder. A great safeguard and security to that fellowship without which there is no building and progress in the House of God is to recognize, and bear continually in mind, that the master tactic of the enemy is somehow, by hook or by crook, to get in between the Lord's people and cause strain and break. Our "diligence" must be along the lines of "proving all things'; refusing the opinions and judgments of others - even the most spiritual; not listening to gossip or criticism; not going by appearances; and always keeping a very close walk with the Spirit and listening to Him on all matters.

When the Scripture says that we are to "prove all things" we should apply that especially to the "things" which could serve the evil powers in their propaganda of suspicions, leading to divisions.

We should "prove" whether our judgment of persons and things is absolutely right. We should prove whether the things said by a person, by word or writing, are what we have taken them to mean, or whether they might  mean something that we have not recognized.

We should prove whether a person about whom we have a question is not open to being helped from the Word of God to see differently or better than he now sees.

We should prove whether love has no influence with such, and whether he is "proved" to be bigoted, proud, and unapproachable.

Have we adopted such lines, or hurried to destroy by open attack or by the spread of suspicion?

~T. Austin-Sparks~

(continued with # 12  (The Overcomer)

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