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Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Petty Enjoyments of the Present World

The base cares and the petty enjoyments of the present world

John Angell James)

Sin is raging all around us! 

Satan is busy in the work of destruction!

Men are dying!

Souls are every moment departing into eternity!

Hell is enlarging her mouth, and multitudes are continually descending to torments which knows no mitigation and no end!

How astounding is it sometimes to ourselves, that, the base cares and the petty enjoyments of the present world should have so much power over us, as to retard us in our heavenward course, and make us negligent and indolent, heedless and forgetful.

Time is short!

Life is uncertain!

is at hand!

is about to swallow up our existence in eternal life--or eternal death!

Heaven expanding above us!

Hell is yawning beneath us!

Eternity is opening before us!

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