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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

An Explanation

Looks like I need to do an explanation over what has/or has not been going on for the last four and a half months.

In mid November my legs started swelling up - clear up to the knees with "weeping". On Nov 6 I went into the hospital.They called it "lymphadoma" - an infection of the lymph nodes. Five weeks ago I was transferred to a nursing home for rehab. And one and a half weeks ago came here to assisted living. I choose assisted living over going home because (low and behold) assisted living will be cheaper than trying to take care of my own home. And, living here, I will be able to put more time into my Christian work on the computer.

I's been a long hard road. I don't wish anyone ever gets this infection of the lymph glands!

My brother and my son have finally gotten me back on the internet. I will have to change all my email addresses, etc., but that shouldn't take long.

Hopefully, as the days go by I will be able to start sending out various Christian articles. 

It's good to be back. I've missed everyone!

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