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Sunday, November 11, 2012

What Is Our Life on This Earth All About

What is life on earth all about? Are we here to have fun, enjoy the pleasures of this sinful place? Are we to keep busy with “fun” here, while forgetting our tomorrow? Do we ever think of our future? Believers have a future home. Have we honestly considered what that will be like? Do you think we should be preparing for our future – not in earthly terms – but in our life to come? Do you think that our “pleasures” here will result in the same thing later on?
To be happy in heaven means that we should be gaining entrance while we are still here. Are we doing that? Have we considered that without gaining entrance now, we will not be happy there, if we get there at all?
Real faith is not proclaiming, “Jesus will save me … this I know.” He will save us only because we have already met Him while we are here on earth.
Our Bridegroom awaits. Is His bride paying any real attention at all? Or are we relying solely in Him to come even if we are not paying attention to Him? Christ is, you know, waiting and waiting. And we are too busy to take notice. He will not demand our personal attention! What Groom wants an unresponsive bride?
But when we earnestly desire Him, Jesus gladly comes within each of us. And this is when the Bride knows without doubt that He is real! As real as we ourselves are. And when He appears within, we find that He is our heart’s sole desire, our everything over and above all else.
When Jesus comes to reside within each of us, it will not be an emotional thing. Oh no!! It will be too sacred, too precious, too awesome! To truly know Christ will bring a deep sense of awe over us – a dread of doing something that would discourage His presence, His love to us. And we know, without the least hesitation that what He did for us, we can never repay Him. Never! But we can love Him! Oh yes! And get to know Him while here on earth!
And that, my friends, opens up the doors of heaven to the bride while she is still on this earth. We want nothing more than to please our new Groom. And heaven now becomes our new passion. As the pleasures of earth grow dim and fade out, Christ delights in showing us what it will be like in our new home with Him.
Have you met your heavenly Bridegroom yet?
~The Shepherd~

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