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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Called Unto Holiness # 6

Oneness With Christ

The Baptism With The Spirit

There are three ways we can look upon Christ. We can say, "Yes, He is my Saviour; I could not get along without Christ. I would be unable to live, and I surely would be afraid to die without Christ. I must have Christ, but I want Christ and...". Then after that word "and" we write in something out of that old trinity that we still desire to keep and consider essential to our happiness. Christ is not enough. Christ does not satisfy altogether, so we go outside to get satisfaction in some worldly friendship or pleasure, or in some fleshly appetite or activity. Christ and... Is that where some of us are in relationship to our Saviour? If it is, let us acknowledge it frankly.

I have a very dear Christian friend who is thoroughly orthodox. She honors the whole Word of God and would loyally defend it against any attack. Christ is much to her but He is not yet everything. It is Christ and the world, the movies. Is it not a pity? We shall not have movies in heaven, thank God. We shall have to get along without them and many other things that seem tremendously necessary to us down here. Is the joy of heaven to be lessened for you because we will be compelled to leave the things of the world behind? But listen to what He says to us about the world here and now:

"Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him" (1 John 2:15).

Then there are others who say, "Yes, I must have Christ but - He is my Saviour and I know He has perfectly cared for my past. But somehow, He does not seem able to meet my present need. He is not sufficient for my circumstances, for my environment, for my sufferings and trials." Christ is not equal to my need. Christ does not suffice.

When I was in the United States not long ago I talked with a business woman who formerly had a good position and a fair bank account, and Christ as Her Saviour. She got along very comfortably with the three. Then she lost her position and her bank account. She came to me in great distress and depression. I said to her, "But you still have Christ, and He is equal to this difficulty and trial in your life." She said, "Yes. I have Christ but ..." and lapsed back into her depression. For half an hour we talked, yet she did not get beyond "Christ but". He was not equal to er difficulty, He did not suffice for her need. Oh! How wounded that all-sufficient One must have been!

But there is another way in which we may look upon our Lord. Christ only; Christ enough to satisfy the affection and aspiration of the human heart. Christ only; Christ equal to every need of spirit, soul, and body; to every demand of my circumstances and environment. Christ suffices for every trial and affliction and loss. Christ only, my all and in all. Can we say it? Is He that to you?

~Ruth Paxson~

(continued with # 7)

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