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Monday, August 19, 2013

Called Unto Holiness # 7

Oneness with Christ

In closing, will you pardon a personal testimony to the all-sufficiency of Christ? I would give a good deal not to give it, but I dare not refuse to give it for this reason. Many times I have had people say, "It is very easy for you to be good for you have nothing to do but study your Bible and lead meetings." I often have the feeling when holding up any such standard of life as I have been this afternoon,that some people are thinking, "That is all right for her to say, but she is not in my situation, she does not have to live in my home with that cantankerous person with whom I live. She looks perfectly well and strong and does not have to endure the physical infirmity which I have. I know what she says is out of God's Word, but I do not believe it works in daily practical life."

May I testify to the unfailing sufficiency of the Lord Jesus Christ in severe affliction and great trial? Will you please do me the kindness of forgetting what I have to say of myself and remember only hat is said of the all-sufficiency of Christ? For that purpose only is the testimony given.

I have been very ill for six weeks and have been out of bed only an hour or two a day until last Thursday, when for the first time I was up and dressed for a whole day. When the invitation came from Mr. Aldis several months ago to take these meetings, the Lord gave absolute assurance that the invitation came from Him and that it was His will to accept.

Then came a terrible attack of asthma which took me quickly to the lowest depths of physical suffering and weakness which, humanly speaking, made this ministry seem quite impossible. But to me and to several close, praying friends, it seemed clearly an attack of satan to thwart God in this ministry. satan never wants a message given that reveals who he is and that magnifies the blood of the Saviour. But the temptation of satan always has another side; it is the testing of God. When we realize that, we can go right through, for our Lord Jesus is all-sufficient.

Last Thursday I hardly had breath enough to answer a question. For weeks it had been that way. But I said, "I will take Christ as my breath." I did, and He sufficed. My very life seemed ebbing away, and I thought, Christ is my life. And He was. Then my strength went  down to the place where it seemed as though I had not enough strength to breathe another breath or even to offer a prayer. But I remembered the Word said that He is our strength. I took Him at His Word and he was my strength. But the most wicked work of satan was attempting to rob me of a singing heart. You know the verse in Ephesians, "Singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord." What is the use of having breath or life or strength if one has not a singing heart? So I said, "I will take Christ as my song," and He sufficed for the darkest hour.

Again and again in the night as I fairly fought for breath, the words came back to me, "Christ is all and in all," and, when He is that to one, He is all-sufficient. And I knew that if He were that to me, He would let me give this message to you.

Will you just take this testimony born out of trial and temptation?" Will you believe that Christ is all-sufficient? If there is someone here who is struggling against some great trial in your physical life, your home circumstances, or your spiritual experience, will you believe that Christ is enough and equal to it all? Will you let Him become all and in all to you?

Just this last word. It will mean a stripping of all that is not Christ. Are you willing for that in order that Christ may be preeminent in all things in your life and that you may be holy even as He is holy? Unto such a life have you and I been called.

~Ruth Paxson~

(continued with # 8 - "Likeness to Christ")

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