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Friday, November 8, 2013

Off line woes!

The big moving day is drawing near. Starting today, I will be 


line for maybe a week, or week and a half, to get ready for the 

move to another house, and then, after the move, come back 

online with a new service provider (new home phone, TV 

hookup, etc.) This morning I have to disconnect the computer 

and get all of that packed and ready for the movers. Thankfully

my son, Joe Sewell, is co-administrator of my Christian


on Facebook. He will handle any problems that might occur. He 

will also "accept" those who want to join the groups and, of 

course, "ban" any who post unacceptable posts to the groups. I 

will miss you all and will be very happy when I get back online 

and see your friendly faces! God bless you all! May His grace 

and generous mercy flow down abundantly upon you.

Kathy - Disciple of Christ

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