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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Men Whose Eyes Have Seen the King # 51

The Throne - The Living Ones and the Wheels" (continued)

"The Wheels"

We pass now to the other side of this symbolic medium of the Throne: to the wheels." You notice that these are quite definitely in union with the "living ones", with the Cherubim - they move together. They are really only two aspects of one thing, but the wheels contain their own particular emphasis and message. What do they signify? What is the impression that is left with you after reading verses 15-21? If you just sit back after reading, how do you feel? Sometimes it is a good thing to put yourself into the Word, and take its temper - take its atmosphere. I venture to suggest that if you read these verses in that way, and sit back, you will heave a sigh: My word, thy are moving! There is something doing here! At least you will not be left with a quiet or passive feeling. We have the impression of tremendous energy; of motion with purpose; that is the atmosphere of the "wheels."

Wheels symbolize movement, motion, going; and here the "spirit of the living ones" is in the "wheels." The energy of the Spirit is here; it is energy and movement with purpose, is it not, of which they speak? They say to us clearly and simply that this Throne is a very energetic and active Throne in relation to the end which God is seeking. All the energies and activities contained in these prophecies are the expression of that Throne, and are, as it were, the carrying out of the meaning of the wheels. The Throne is on the move; the Throne is not passive; the Throne is governed by  tremendous energy: God is deeply and greatly concerned about this great end of His, to have everything glorious, filled with His glory, for His glory.

Suffering with the Glory of God in View

It is no light or easy-going with the Lord, to have that end. If we did but know it, if we could only see it and understand it, we should be able to recognize that so many things in our lives which the Lord permits to come in, and which the Lord sometimes even sends into our lives, are the workings of His energy to make a way for His glory. John, the apostle, tells us that the whole of his Gospel which he wrote was written with one object, and that object was the glory of the Lord Jesus; that governed all. All the way through, from beginning to end, it is that.

~T. Austin-Sparks~

(continued with # 52)

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