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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Hot Potatoes With Jackets On Part 1 # 2

Hot Potatoes With Jackets On Part 1 # 2

The preparation of self is of more importance than the preparation of the message. The surgeon studies for years before he begins to practice. He will rest his body, quiet his nerves,and disinfect with utmost care before an operation. As a surgeon of souls, are we careful or careless?

Jesus of Nazareth is the only One who can save us, if He does not we are lost. God took upon Himself human flesh and became a man. He lived among men and was tempted as we are, was touched with the feelings of our infirmities. Why did He thus come? To start a new religion? To establish a higher and nobler philosophy of life? Oh, no, but to redeem a lost and fallen race. To give His life a ransom for others that those who repent, confess, and forsake their sins and take up the cross and follow Him, might not perish but have everlasting life. Today, He may be passing by to save the unsaved and sanctify those who will go with Him all the way and bear the reproach.

His presence will sanctify your joys, relieve your sorrows; it will sweeten your victories, compensate your defeats, it will make make life abundant and worth while and death a triumphant victory.

We have passed through a depression which has hit us tremendously hard morally, commercially, and spiritually. Such unscriptural sermons coming from the pulpit, we are caused to wonder, what next. Truly the preacher is preaching from his head and not from his heart. Many of his sermons contain ministerial and brain sweat but almost wholly void of heart and soul agony.

We are told that the work of sixty-six muscles are necessary to produce a frown, but we only use sixteen for a smile. Why not wear a smile and save the difference?

You say you don't believe in revivals, neither does the devil. So you are a chip off the old block and believe like your father, the devil.

Start early in life to use everything that comes to you whether pleasant or unpleasant, fortunate or unfortunate to your advantage and as a stepping stone. Do not allow an unpleasant letter,an unreasonable criticism, an un-Christian remark,or the loss of property, cast a shadow over your life, but let all such become stepping stones to higher and nobler activity and greater usefulness in the Master's service. Don't let your pathway become darkened by others who would injure you, but when an object confronts you, surmount it as a stepping stone and do not allow it for one moment to become a stumbling block.

"Good news which shall be to all people." Indeed it is good news, it has become a cosmopolitan story. God puts everybody on a common level. No privileged group among the upper circles will ever monopolize redemption. It is free to all, rulers and beggars, tax-payers and tax-collectors.

You will find peace at Calvary and power at Pentecost.

An open outbreaking sinner is easier reached than a religious formalist who has never experienced a change of heart.

If you keep a "red hot" experience, you can burn your way through this cold world.

Everybody seems to be ready for physical healing, but a hunger for spiritual healing has to be created.

If your life is hid with Christ in God, you will automatically do right, not just to get to heaven.

Those who live in the Spirit, walk in the Spirit, and have their conversation in heaven,are a puzzle to those who have only reached the water works, churchanity, and wrapped in the garment of morality.

Let us always bear in mind that Christian character without Christ is an utter impossibility.

Wesley in writing to a preacher said, "Study to be small." Mr. Finney said, "Unless a Christian was broken to pieces every few weeks they are unfit for service."

When you begin to argue, you are on slippery ground. I would advise you to argue with no one, not even the devil.

Sanctified people are a blessing to any church, but a dry, hollow, hypocritical professor will ruin any church just as he has defiled the church he is now in.

To go with God one hundred per cent looks like a lonely and isolated route, but it pays remarkable dividends both here and hereafter.

A religion that costs nothing is worth nothing.

A religion without a Cross is without a Crown.

Christianity is neither selfish nor clannish. We must give to God in order to keep, and share with others in order to hold our standing with God and man.

If the Church of today is to live and function, she must return to primitive Christianity.

Some people I know desire to please God when it does not offend the devil.

No one has to have a lawsuit to collect the wages of sin. "For the wages of sin is death."

The Mercy Seat is the place where heaven and earth meet and the place where you meet God.

Don't allow yourself to become run-down dodging duty.

Jesus Christ understood both sin and its cure as He can well handle all questions pertaining to sin and its fearful consequences.

It is hard to think of parents sending their children to Sunday school to be taught by teachers who teach a Sunday school class in the morning, then refuse to stay for preaching service, but rush home to get an early hot dinner, then on the devil's territory the rest of the day. They will be mighty poor examples for the children the coming week.

Religion is nothing funny-aiming to make a fool out of you - but if you get enough of it, it will make you either a gentleman or a lady.

If you will let God clean you up on the inside, you will not be long cleaning up the outside.

You may feel humiliated if caught praying, but nobler people than you are have been mighty in prevailing with God.

Brethren, I tell you the actual fact, lots of people have religion not worth paying taxes on!

God does not direct some things He permits.

Be a tither or be uncomfortable.

~W. B. Dunkum~

(continued with # 3)

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