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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Hot Potatoes with Jackets On - Part 1 # 3

Hot Potatoes With Jackets On Part 1 # 3

The sort of Christianity some people have will not give them an easy pillow in the dying hour, neither will it admit them into heaven on good works, nor on their own extraordinary reputation.

Putting your converts into some Churches I know would be equivalent to putting a live baby into a dead mother's arms.

The meanest trick I know of to play on an unregenerate man is to take him into the Church in his unconverted condition and then expect him to be religious and spiritual when he does not know the ABC's of conviction.

To be a physical dwarf is most unfortunate, to be an intellectual dwarf is much worse, but to be a Christian dwarf is an awful tragedy and there are entirely too many such tragedies.

God is good, always good, and only good.
God is wise, always wise,and only wise.
God is love, always love, and only love.

The true philosophy of life is the Christian philosophy and their philosophy is self-denial, cross bearing, and following Jesus day by day, hour by hour, and moment by moment.

An infidel lay dying, a friend came along and said, "John, hold on." "The dying infidel said, "hold on, I have nothing to hold on to."

An educated crook is the most dangerous man in the world.

While it is no disgrace to be poor, yet it is mighty inconvenient.

People may be healthful, wealthy, witty, learned and famous, but miserable because they lack holiness.

One may be poor, weak,and ignorant, but supremely happy because of his religious status.

Mr. Wesley said, "Anything that is essentially new in religion is essentially false."

Bishop Warren said, "We have made much advancement in missions as a Church the last hundred years, but we need to swing back a hundred years to the spirituality of our forefathers."

To reject new light, we run against the God Who loves us, the Christ Who redeemed us, and the Holy Spirit Who witnesses to our salvation.

In a crucial hour Nelson said, "England expects every man to do his duty." Could God expect less?

We may not be without faults and mistakes, but we must be without sin.

We need jet black conviction, a blood red regeneration, a sky blue conversion, and a snow white sanctification.

The first man fell - Adam.
The strongest man fell - Samson.
The wisest man fell - Solomon.

Yet people tell us it is impossible to backslide!

Men would be glad to be Christians if they could be on their own terms.

A lady said to Mr. Moody, "Don't you think it will be all right for me to give lessons in dancing to my daughter in order for her to be graceful?" Mr. Moody replied, "She had better have grace in her heart than in her heels."

One said, his preaching was both soothing and satisfying; so soothing that one could sleep all the time he was preaching, and so satisfying one could hear him one time and never come back again.

The Church of Jesus Christ is not made up simply of formal or even holiness denominations; they are but nicknames. His church is not a dead church. It is not composed of stone and mortar, great organs, tremendous choirs, and a well-trained ministry, not even as a ritualistic form. It is a spiritual church, yes, the Bride of Christ.

Mr. Wesley said, "Make all you can, save all you can, and give all you can." Yet many seem to say today, "Make all you can, and can all you make."

You cannot pray loud enough and shed tears enough to get God to change the plan of salvation.

Having a wrong attitude, you close heaven to you.

Your present attitude toward people and things, essentials and nonessentials, will have much to do with your future.

Your latch string hangs on the inside and Jesus knocks at the outside, but will not come in until invited.

Get the consent of your will to do right while God speaks and the Holy Spirit strives.

He will straighten all question marks into exclamation points.

No man is so well born but what he needs to be born again.

What did Judas have in mind as he leaped into a suicide's eternity?

In the mathematics of Christianity there is a subtraction as well as there is an addition.

Nothing good to say about inbred sin.

Christianity will fix you up so you can get along with people as a Christian should.

Hurry up and grow big enough not to ask so many silly questions, for tribulation worketh patience.

~W. B. Dunkum~

(The End)

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