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Friday, February 3, 2017

Hot Potatoes With Jackets On-Part 2, # 1

Hot Potatoes With Jackets On-Part 2, # 1

When you come to get sanctified, bring your birth certificate along and you can take holiness along with you when you leave.

The longer the preachers preach after nine o'clock at night, the more restless the crowd becomes and the fewer results there are around the altar. Let us not fish up small branches, but stick to the main stream and above all, know when to quit.

There are rough roads over which we are to travel in a sanctified state, but He can give us grace to get over them successfully.

A true holiness preacher will preach without compromise all the fundamental doctrines of the Bible in simplicity and clearness. He has no hobbies to ride and no axes to grind. He will not abuse, criticize, and un-Christianize those who do not see eye to eye as he does. His one and only one business is to get sinners saved, backsliders reclaimed, believers sanctified, and build up and edify the Church.

If parents would work as hard to get their children saved as they do to get them educated, many of them would become well-rounded saints in their early teens.

Often when parents are too busy to shed tears over the sins of their children, many have lived long enough to shed tears over their caskets.

Having such poor examples of salvation makes it rather hard to get people saved.

The devil is catching many on an empty hook.

We sometimes wonder why the pastor has such bad children; it is because of their association with the children of the church, primarily the members' children.

It takes a crisis to reveal character, and one cannot tell what you are until you have been thoroughly tested.

Sinner, your last pay-day is just around the corner, but remember, "The wages of sin is death."

A far-seeing man may be able to see as far as the grave, but is unable to see even one pocket in his shroud.

You have tried to walk on both sides of the ditch until the banks have become slippery and both crowds have lost confidence in you.

Many a man has worked hard a life time, done without and even sacrificed principle to get a home paid for, and when the last payment was made, someone else was living in it.

It takes more than a suit of clothes to make a man- must be some character and principle there. No doubt some women have found that out because, when they drew, all they got was a blank.

You will testify against wrong conditions or it will only be a matter of time until you will be swallowed up by them.

Don't let ambitions become colored with your own interest.

One dying bishop said, "Let us advance on our knees."

A child that doesn't grow must be sickly, and if it continues in that condition, will soon die. A Christian that does not grow will die spiritually.

One mater theologian said, "I had rather teach one man to pray then ten to preach."

An altar service is a slow train for those who have too much baggage to catch the limited.

A stamp is worth face value and you can tell what it is by looking at it. Are you worth face value and can one tell what you are by looking at you?

When we think of redemption, our mind runs back to the Garden of Gethsemane where the greatest battle of all ages was fought.

The salvation of Jesus Christ stands the test in the hour of depression.

A six-story building was on fire, six fire engineers were working to save it. A man looking on said, "I wish people would work that hard to save me."

Tradition tells of a man who was present at the crucifixion, who, when asked what he saw, said, "I saw nothing, I had the tooth ache."

A lady comes to prayer meeting and professes the highest standard of the New Testament, and in her testimony speaks very emphatically against carnality, but on her return home she demonstrates the fact that she has carnality in her as large as an elephant. As she passed the boys on the street, they were heard to say, "there goes a lady who is a conglomeration of inconsistencies."

You will not be big enough to fill a big place until you are little enough to fill a little place.

Better live in poverty than die satisfied with ill-gotten gain. That man who gets gain for himself by trampling on the rights of weak members of his community will be certain to meet his doom sooner or later.

It would save trouble, expense, and blood-shed if we would take God into all our counsel and obey all His laws.

While many are taking bankrupt laws because of failing financially, yet they are failing religiously and quite largely morally.

With many, ideals are gone, hence we have but little to hope for and not much to build on.

When you get good old-time salvation, you will change your hitching post.

China said, "If the Americans will keep the movies out of our country, our people will not know how to rob."

A good philosophy: "Live as if you expect Jesus to come tonight, and work as if you do not expect Him in your day."

While the masses are not alarmed, yet facts are stubborn and we are going from bad to worse and the worst is yet to come. "Wickedness shall wax worse and worse,deceiving and being deceived."

I has been said, "theology is truth on ice, while evangelism is truth on fire."

Never was so much talk about peace and so much preparation for war as of late years.

Dr. Ham said, "Every depression has been preceded by a backslidden ministry."

Some Church leaders desire to take credit for all good done, then why not take blame for all good things not done?

Good old-time Holy Spirit religion will bring you under the reproach of the Cross.

Christianity is more than a crisis, it is a life to be lived after the crisis is passed. When we major in conversion and sanctification only, we miss the Christian goal. Much attention should be given to Christian living and to the building of Christian character. "He that endureth to the end shall be saved."

When a church ceases to be evangelistic and to advance in aggressive evangelism, her moral standards will soon collapse and the work of the Church will be of a shallow type.

Many of our large influential church centers feed on husks alone; hence we find a turning to Modernism, Skepticism, and Infidelity, thinking it is food when it is only starvation. Brethren, don't bite at such. It may give you indigestion the rest of your life.

If you want to live a life worth while and be a blessing to others, let God burn truth into your heart and when He does, the devil can't burn it out.

~W. B. Dunkum~

(continued with # 2)

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