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Friday, February 17, 2017

Hot Potatoes with Jackets On, Part 2 - # 4

Hot Potatoes with Jackets On, Part 2 - # 4

Sorry to say, but the time has come when people are wanting talent instead of grace; eloquence instead of piety; rhetoric instead of revelation; reputation and brilliancy instead of holiness. But let us stand by the old land-marks and be advocates of the faith once delivered to our fathers.

Many are saying much about carnality. Could it be possible that they have a few roots left on hand?

If you can't overlook the faults of others, you are not very far up the road of perfect love or brotherly kindness.

Blessed are they who do not allow in themselves anything that they would condemn in others.

You may be so well saved that you will not stoop so low as to criticize the church and find fault with the brethren.

Blessed are they who watch themselves more closely than they watch others, for we will have both hands full to keep ourselves straight!

Blessed are they who have two ears and make good use of both, for they shall hear both sides of the story.

Blessed are they whose ancestors were ordinary people, for we are much alike without divine grace and with divine grace we differ exceedingly.

A valuable asset is neatness of personal appearance. Do not think it a sin to be decent and respectable. If we were able to wear better clothes we might reach a better class of people. A hungry tramp will relish a meal served on a tin plate, but should you attempt to feed the cultured that way, next time they will be some where else at meal time. A hungry soul will feed on the bread of life however crude the vessel may be that conveys it, but those who are not deeply spiritual may first be attracted by the vessel we use in service.

The sincere, devout, and conscientious Christian lives a life of prayer; he carries the spiritual needs of others in his heart. God limits His giving to his asking. He prays the intercessory prayer and keeps a fresh touch of fire on his soul. But without a burden, he is without souls. Don't get crazy to have the daily press write up your church, for unless heaven's record ratifies the daily press, you may be embarrassed at the judgment.

Don't un-Christianize people who fail to walk in your light. While regeneration and sanctification are distinct works of grace, yet there is a developing process, and it takes more time for some than it does for others to apprehend new light.

Practice kneeology, these are peculiar times, "Wait on the Lord," Learn His will and then follow all the way!

Don't be afraid of a hard task which calls for sacrifice; such will develop religious muscle and great faith.

Don't pay  too much attention to a compliment, some would rather be polite than honest.

I would not use such expressions as a "higher Christian life," or a "deeper work of grace." People don't know how high or low or how deep. Use Bible terms: sanctification, holiness, pure heart, and perfection.

Stay out of debt - fast, pray, do without, live on two meals a day. You had better boil a soup bone for a week rather than form that awful habit of buying on credit.

Build character, but whatever you do, don't build character on ground leased from the devil.

Be on the watch - don't permit your business to freeze out your spirituality.

Don't talk about being on the solid rock if you haven't prayed through this week.

Watch your words, don't let them be bigger than your ideas. Be simple so a child can understand you.

Don't use a gallon of words to explain a spoonful of thought.

Don't be surprised if some don't believe as you do; know you are scriptural and go ahead.

There are more channels today through which young people may do wrong than formerly; not that they are worse than the young people of other days, but have more temptation. They must be on the job with eyes open if they hold moral standards set for them.

Many hold to the idea, nothing too bad to do providing you don't get caught.

The Cross is the hope of the world making life beautiful, useful, and instrumental.

When gossipers meet for their annual convention the devil and his imps retire to the Lakes for their yearly vacation!

Self-denial is the last thing the devil will allow you to practice after you become religious.

Knowledge without wisdom and character is dangerous. "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom."

~W. B. Dunkum~

(The End)

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