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Thursday, May 21, 2015

How Can We Hear From God?

If you go to any church this Sunday, stand up in front of the congregation, and ask, “Who here wants to do the will of God?” you’d probably see most of the people raise their hands. But if instead you asked, “Who here knows how to find the will of God?” you probably would see a lot fewer hands go up! There’s so much ambiguity among believers when it comes to knowing God’s will. But there are three ways I believe God reveals his will to his people.

First, God will show you his will by his Word, the Bible. The better you know your Bible, the better you will know the will of God. It represents the thoughts of God, the ways of God, and shows how God operates. So as you search the Scriptures, God will speak to you.

Not only does God speak through his Word, but God speaks through his witness, the Holy Spirit. You can pray and ask God to speak to you through his Spirit and reveal his will to you that way.

Number three is God’s wisdom. We’re told that we can ask of God if we lack wisdom and he will fully and freely give it to us. Now, wisdom may come from within us, or it may come from others around us. But God wants to give us wisdom in our decisions.

So as you navigate the difficult decisions of life, trust in God’s Word, his witness of the Spirit, and his abundant wisdom to guide your paths and reveal his will to you!

~Jack Graham~

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