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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bible Study - verse by verse # 89

Matthew 28:20 The Old Testament prophecies and genealogies in the book of Matthew present Jesus' credentials for being King of the World - not a military or political leader, but a spiritual King who can overcome all evil and rule in the heart of every person. If we refuse to serve the King faithfully, we are disloyal subjects, fit to e banished from the kingdom. We must make Jesus King of our lives and worship Him as our Saviour, King and Lord.

Mark 1:1 When you experience the excitement of a big event, you naturally want to tell someone. Telling the story can bring back that original thrill as you relive the experience. Reading Mark's first words, you can sense his excitement. Picture yourself in the crowd as Jesus heals and teaches. Imagine yourself as one of the disciples. Respond to His Words of love and encouragement. And remember that Jesus came for us who live today as well as for those who lived 2,000 years ago.

Mark 1:1 Mark was not one of the twelve disciples of Jesus, but he probably knew Jesus personally. Mark wrote his Gospel in the form of a fast-paced  story, like a popular novel. The book portrays Jesus as a man who backed up His words with action that constantly proved who He is - the Son of God. Because Mark wrote the Gospel for Christians in Rome, where many gods were worshiped, he wanted his readers to know that Jesus is the One true Son of God.

Mark 1:2 Jesus came at a time in history when the entire civilized world was relatively peaceful under Roman rule, travel was easy, and there was a common language. The news about Jesus' life, death, and resurrection could spread quickly throughout the vast Roman Empire. In Israel, common men and women were ready for Jesus too. There had been no God-sent prophets for 400 years, since the days of Malashi. There was growing anticipation that a great prophet, or the Messiah mentioned in the Old Testament, would soon come.

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