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Monday, July 2, 2012

The Glue of the Galaxies

Lord, make Your Word a vibrant reality in my heart and life today. Amen

"Therefore, since all these things will be dissolved, what manner of persons ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness, looking for and hastening the coming of the day of God..." (2 Peter 3:11-12)

Jesus Christ Himself if the glue of the galaxies. He is the One Who holds all things together (Col. 1:17). But one of these days it is all going to come unraveled (Revelation 21:1). Pointing to that fact, Peter makes a statement which may sound like a question, but is really more of an exclamation. He says in effect, "Boy, since you know what's coming, what kind of folks you ought to be!" That remark applies to us today as believers living in the church age.

The word "manner" used here actually means "from what country". It's talking about something that is foreign, something different. Christians should be noticeably different from others who don't know and understand what we know. Now, we should be different - not odd. If you're odd, you repel people; if you're different, you will attract them to the truth you possess.

Our conduct should be marked by holiness. Literally, to be holy is to be like God.  We are to be imitators of Him, as He lives in us, and we are to have a God-like view of this world. When we see things through His eyes and with the benefit of His promises, we know this world s passing away, but we can look forward to new heavens and a new earth! (2 Peter 3:13).

Because we understand these things, we're called to a lifestyle of purity and peacefulness. A Christian ought to stand out in this world like a gardenia in a garbage can! We should have peace with God and with others - and it should be evident that the peace of God keeps us from fretting about what's going to happen. Though it may be getting dark, we can see things from the vantage point we've been given, and we know it is getting  gloriously dark. So we can lift up our heads, for the day of redemption for us and for creation is drawing near! (Luke 21;28).

~Adrian Rogers~

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