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Friday, July 6, 2012

Experiencing the Holy Spirit # 30

One More Thought

Whenever mention is made of Jesus as our Keeper, it is often difficult to believe that we who are on the earth can really know  ourselves to be always, without interruption, in His hands and under His power. How much clearer and more glorious the truth becomes when the Spirit reveals to us that Christ is in us. He is in us, not only as a tenant in a house or water in a glass, but rather like the soul is in the body moving every part and never separated from each other.

Yes, Christ dwells in us, penetrating our whole nature with His nature. The Holy Spirit came for the purpose of making Jesus deeply present within us. The sun is high in the firmament above me and yet, by its heat, penetrates my bones and marrow and quickens my whole life.

Likewise, the Lord Jesus, who is exalted high in heaven, penetrates my whole nature by His Spirit until all my willing, thinking, and feeling are moved by Him.

Once this fact is fully grasped, we no longer think of an external keeping through a person outside of us in heaven. We become convinced that our life is quickened by One who, in a divine manner, occupies the heart. Then we see how natural, how certain, and how blessed it is that the indwelling Jesus keeps the blessing and always maintains the fullness of the Spirit.

Is there anyone among you who is longing for this life in the fullness of blessing, yet is afraid to enter into it because he does not know how to persevere? Jesus will make this blessing continuous and sure. Is there any one of you who longs for it and cannot understand  wherein the secret lies? The blessing is this - as Jesus Christ was with His disciples daily in bodily fashion, so He will, by His Spirit, daily live His life in you. No one can fully understand how things look on the top of a mountain until he himself has been there.

Although you do not understand everything, believe that the Lord Jesus has sent His Spirit with no other object in view that to keep you in His divine power. Trust Him for this Let all burdens be laid aside to receive this blessing from Him as a fountain which He himself will cause to spring up in you unto everlasting life.

~Andrew Murray~

(continued with # 31 - "How Your Blessing May Be Increased")

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