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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Stewardship of the Mystery # 48

The Heavenly Man as the Source and Sphere of Corporate Unity (continued)

Dwelling Together In Unity (continued)

Such, then, is the twofold aspect of the basis of the blessing. Firstly, God's ground of satisfaction and rest must be equally our own, namely, His Son; and, secondly, we must dwell together therein.

Take the great illustration in the second chapter of the Book of Acts. Here is the greatest exhibition of the working of this truth that the world has ever seen. "But Peter, standing up with the eleven ..." There are brethren together in unity! The Lord also has entered into His rest. By the Cross the Father has found His satisfaction in the Son; the Lord has entered into His heavenly Tabernacle. All is rest now in heaven: God is satisfied, the reconciling work has been done in the Blood of the Cross, peace has been made, and God has entered into His rest in the perfect work of redemption. Now the eyes of all the Apostles are on the Lord Jesus; and as they stand up He is in full view. Peter has left all those personal things behind. They have all left the personal things now, and their whole object is Christ. Standing up now, their testimony is all to Christ, and they are one, united in Him; and there the Lord commanded the blessing, even life for evermore, such blessing as was like the precious ointment coming down from the head to the skirts of the garment.

The figure is perfect, as a figure. There is the Head, the Lord Jesus, and the Father has commanded the blessing in the pouring of the eternal Spirit upon the Head. Now as all these members are ranged under the Head, centered in the Head, held together in the Head, the blessing comes down to the skirts of His garment, and it is " the dew of Hermon that cometh down upon the mountains of Zion ..." That is the effect of the blessing, that is the effect of life for evermore. What is the dew of Hermon? If you had lived in that country, you would know the value of the dew of Hermon. It is a parched and shrivelled land, with everything dry and becoming barren, and then the dew of Hermon comes down and everything revives, everything is refreshed, everything lifts up its head and lives again. It is the beneficent result of the blessing; life, freshness, hope, reviving, fruitfulness. There the Lord commanded the blessing.

Do you see the way of life, the way of fruitfulness, of reviving, of refreshing, the way of blessing? Two things are basic. There are our coming to the place of God's rest in His Son, and our letting go of everything that is of ourselves in the interests of His Son, and finding our all in Him. Thus are we drawn together by our mutual love for the Lord. Oh that we had more of the expression of this. I think that is why the Lord is bringing the matter before us; not for the message to be merely as a blessed prospect, a word that has a happy ring about it and that gives us a certain amount of uplift while it is being spoken, but for it to be a strong call from the Lord. Do we want the blessing? Do we want life for evermore, life more abundant? Do we want refreshing, and fruitfulness, and reviving, and uplift? Do we want that others also should get the blessing through us? Look at Pentecost. Pentecost is the outworking of Psalms one hundred and thirty-three; for there brethren were dwelling together in unity, centered upon the Lord, and in the Lord, and the Lord commanded the blessing.

~T. Austin-Sparks~

(continued with # 49)


  1. Please help me understand what you are referring to as 'the mystery'. I admittedly acknowledge this #48 is the 1st posting I have READ. Are you saying 'the mystery' is the gospel? Are you saying 'the mystery' is Jew and Gentile becoming one new man in Him? Are you saying 'the mystery' is the Kingdom of God? Are you saying 'the mystery' is the assembly/church? Or are you saying 'the mystery' is something altogether different than any of my guesses above? Thank you for your clarification.
    Numbers 6:24-26

  2. The mystery, Craig, is "All Things In Christ". Please go back and scroll down (on the right hand side) until you see the same "The Stewardship of the Mystery # 1". Number One takes you to the first post in this series and it is intitled ""The Purpose of the Ages". T. Austin-Sparks was a pastor who also profusely wrote about our Christian faith. He is well-known for his thoroughly Biblical studies. Before his death he said, "freely received, freely given" which means that he would not allow anyone to copy right his writings. Since his death, his family has agreed not to allow anyone to copy right his writings. Though you will find some books published today with his writings, they can only copy right the title of the book, and anything they say about the book. So T. Austin-Sparks writings are still free to anyone who receives them. But the 'mystery' is the coming of Christ Jesus. The mystery is Jesus Christ! I pray that you will go to # 1 and read that too. Then from # 1 go to # 2 and so forth. Very interesting reading and studying. (A Disciple of Christ) Katherine Sewell

  3. I hope this helps you in your studies, Craig!! May God richly bless your undertaking and reward you with understanding!