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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Locust-Like Demons

Reveal Your truth to me, Lord, and prepare my heart now to receive it. Amen

" ... their faces were like the faces of men. They had hair like women's hair, and their teeth were like lions' teeth ... Their power was to hurt men five months."

Thinking still of the locust-like demons who will invade the earth during the Great Tribulation, we see that these especially pernicious fiends of hell are also very clever. The face of a man speaks of intelligence (v. 7). These insidious evil spirits will initially appear alluring to some, like an attractive woman (v. 8). But while they may seem disarming at first, they are as strong as lions, ready to pounce, to shred and to devour.

Their hearts of steel (v. 9) will be impervious to the shrieks and moans of their victims. They will not be moved from their course of action, nor can anything harm or deter them. Implacable and inescapable, they will be everywhere, relentlessly inflicting injury on mankind for the allotted time of five months (v. 5, 10). Five months is actually the normal lifespan of a locust. So this is God's way of saying that this judgment is just going to run its course until it is finished, and no one will stop it.

These unstoppable hellish hordes will carry out their demonic directives indivisibly as they are led by their king, whose name means "destroyer" (v. 11). Their malicious movements will be fiendishly organized and calculated as they go forth like a mighty army to feast upon the people of this world and to bring them to ruin, heartache and tragedy.

Studying these events to come, you understand why it's imperative to be certain that you won't be here on earth during the Tribulation! You can also see why you should pray for your loved ones - that they'll be caught away with Jesus at the Rapture of the Church and escape such woes - which will continue as the next two trumpets are sounded (v. 12).

~Adrian Rogers~

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