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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bible Study - verse by verse # 81

Matthew 27: 15, 16 Barabbas had taken part in a rebellion against the Roman government. Although an enemy to Rome, he may have been a hero to the Jews. Ironically, Barabbas was guilty of the crime for which Jesus was accused.

Matthew 27:19 For a leader who was supposed to administer justice, Pilate proved to be more concerned about political expediency than about doing what was right. He had several opportunities to make the right decision. His conscience told him Jesus was innocent; Roman law said an innocent man should not be put to death; and his wife had a troubling dream. Pilate had no excuse to condemn Jesus, but he was afraid of the crowd.

Matthew 27:21 Crowds are fickle. They loved Jesus on Sunday because they thought He was going to inaugurate His kingdom. Then they hated Him on Friday when His power appeared  broken. In the face of the mass uprising against Jesus, His friends were afraid to speak up.

Matthew 27:21 Faced with a clear choice, the people chose Barabbas, a revolutionary and murderer, over the Son of God. Faced with the same choice today, people are still choosing "Barabbas". They would rather have the tangible force of human power than the salvation offered by the Son of God.

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