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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A New Series starting in a Day or Two

This series will be posted in:

This is such an extensive study that I wanted everyone to read and enjoy.

Into the Heart and Mind of God

We are going to start a rather lengthy series entitled: "Into the Heart and Mind of God."

This is an EXCELLENT study by T. Austin-Sparks that I was awed to read! It is a must read for everyone who loves their Lord. And it is a very in-depth study, explaining how and why God leads His children. It is written to today's language, and very, very easy to understand! It does not go on and on like some of T. Austin-Sparks articles do. I will advise everyone to read these articles. I was blown away at how the Bible is written with EVERYTHING coming together in fine-toothed precision - and it all starts in the Old Testament with Abraham! With Abraham, we begin to understand (totally) what God is up to and how He leads His children.  As an "old" believer (accepting Christ more than twenty years ago, I have finally realized how and why God does what He does and in minute detail! I couldn't put the book down!

The first article will begin shortly - in a day or two. But I wanted you all to read the Publisher's Note to this work:

Publisher's Note

With the exception of minor corrections, all of this book's content remains unchanged from the original words of T. Austin-Sparks. In keeping with T. Austin-Sparks' wishes, this book is available for free at Please continue to respect T. Austin-Sparks wishes in that what was freely received should be freely given. We ask, as is asked on the website, that if you choose to share this book with others, that you please respect his wishes and offer it freely - free of changes, free of charge, and free of copyright. It is our pleasure to bring glory to God's Kingdom by making this book available to those who may otherwise not have received some of the wisdom of Christ through the pen of T. Austin-Sparks.

Jeremiah M. Zeiset
Life Sentence Publishing, LLC
Wisconsin, US, 2011

~The Shepherd's Disciple~

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