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Friday, April 13, 2012

Bible Study - verse by verse # 41

Matthew 13:57 Jesus was not the first prophet to be rejected in His own country. Jeremiah experienced rejection in his hometown even by members of his own family (Jeremiah 12:5, 6).

Matthew 13:58 Jesus did few miracles in His hometown "because of their unbelief." Unbelief blinds people to the truth and robs them of hope. These people missed the Messiah. How does your faith measure up? If you can't see God's work, perhaps it is because of your unbelief. Believe, ask God for a mighty work in your life, and expect Him to act. Look with the eyes of faith.

Matthew 14:9 Herod did not want to kill John the Baptist, but he gave the order so that he wouldn't be embarrassed in front of his guests. How easy it is to give in to the crowd and to let ourselves be pressured into doing wrong. Don't get in a situation where it will be too embarrassing to do what is right, no matter how embarrassing or painful it may be.

Matthew 14:13, 14 Jesus sought solitude after the news of John's death. Sometimes we may need to deal with our own grief alone. Jesus did not dwell on His, but returned to the ministry He came to do.

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