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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Quotes

Jesus cannot forget us; we have been graven on the palms of His hands. (Lois Picillo)

We believe that the history of the world is but the history of His influence and that the center of the whole universe is he Cross of Calvary.  (Alexander Maclaren)

Easter says you can put truth in the grave but it won't stay there. (Clarence Hall)

In the bonds of death He lay Who for our offense was slain; but the Lord is risen today, Christ hath brought us life again, wherefore let us all rejoice singing loud, with cheerful voice, Hallelujah! (Martin Luther)

Christ is risen! With this victorious cry the gospel has passed through the lands. The message of the Cross is at the same time as its invincibility. (Eric Sauer)

The resurrection of the dead is the chief truth of the Christian faith. He who takes away the resurrection mantles our future with Egyptian darkness. To take away the resurrection is to leave man with no preeminence above the beast. Other doctrines are important; this is one of the essentials. (Robert Moyer)

The tomb of Christ is famous because of what it does NOT contain! (Sam Morris)

The Cross is the victory, the resurrection is the triumph. The resurrection is the public display of the victory, the triumph of the crucified One. (Eric Sauer)

Men point to the sad incidents of human life on earth, and they ask "Where is the love of God?" God points to that Cross as the unreserved manifestation of love so inconceivably infinite as to answer every challenge and silence all doubt for ever. And that Cross is not merely the public proof of what God as accomplished; it is the earnest of all that He has promised. (Robert Anderson) message of resurrection (Acts 1:22; 2:32). In this lie