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Monday, April 9, 2012

Thoughts to Ponder

Just in proportion as man's glory fades away, the divine glory shines out. The humbler the instrument, the more we see the power of God. What difference does it make to the almighty God whether His instrument be left-handed or right-handed - a man or a woman - a dwarf or a giant? The instrument is nothing: God is all in all. True, He deigns to use instruments; but all the power is His, and He shall be the  eternal and universal praise.

"Have I not sent thee?" "Surely I will be with thee." These are the two grand points for all who will serve God in their day and generation. They must know that the path they tread has been marked out distinctly by the hand of God; and, furthermore, they must have the sense of His presence with them along the path. These things are absolutely essential. Without them we shall waver and vacillate. Our course will be faltering, our light flickering: "Unstable as water, we shall not excel." We shall never succeed at anything. There will be no certainty, no stability, no progress.

Jesus - our Lord and Savior. We all think of Christ as our Savior, bless His holy name, but what of our Lord? ...

A truly converted soul is one who is turned from all creature confidences, human hopes, and earthly expectations, to find all he wants in the living and true God, and that forever.

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