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Monday, April 30, 2012

Bible Study - verse by verse # 50

Matthew 17:20 Jesus wasn't condemning the disciples for substandard faith; He was trying to show how important faith would be in their future ministry. If you are facing a problem that seems as big and immovable as a mountain, turn your eyes from the mountain and look to Christ for more faith. Only then will your work for Him become useful and vibrant.

Matthew 17:22, 23 Once again Jesus predicted His death; but more important, He told of His resurrection. The disciples heard only the first part of Jesus' words and became discouraged. They couldn't understand why Jesus anted to go back to Jerusalem where He would walk right into trouble. The disciples didn't fully comprehend the purpose of Jesus' death and resurrection until Pentecost. The disciples were with Jesus, saw His miracles, heard His Words, and still had difficulty understanding. Despite their questions and doubts, however, they believed. We should too.

Matthew 18:10 Our concern for children must match God's treatment of them. Certain angels are assigned to watch over children, and they have direct access to God. These words ring out sharply in cultures where children are taken lightly, ignored, or aborted. If their angels have constant access to God, the least we can do is to allow children to approach us easily in spite of our far too busy schedules.

Matthew 18:14 Just as a shepherd is concerned enough about one lost sheep to go search the hills for it, so God is concerned about every human being He has created (He is not willing that any should perish. 2 Peter 3:9). You come in contact with children who need Christ at home, at school, in church, and in the neighborhood. Steer them toward Christ by your example, your words and your acts of kindness. 

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